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Where To Buy Spanx Pantyhose

Featured Products

SPANX In-Power Super High Shaping Sheers
SPANX In-Power Super High Shaping Sheers by SPANX

  • Cotton double gusset, Avoid visible panty lines by wearing as...
  • Comfortable waistband perfect for staying in place, Mega...
  • High-waisted panel, tames your tummy, Sheer look on legs

SPANX In-Power Line Super High Footless Shaper
SPANX In-Power Line Super High Footless Shaper by SPANX

  • Footless shaper, Compression zones minimizes love handels, Cotton...
  • Cling-free finish
  • High-waisted, 85% Nylon/15% Lycra Spandex/Elastane

SPANX In-Power Super Shaping Sheers
SPANX In-Power Super Shaping Sheers by SPANX

  • Fabric Content: 85% Nylon, 15% Lycra Spandex/Elastane, Style 913
  • Comfortable tummy-taming panel, Cotton gusset, wear as underwear
  • Mega compression zones, Invisible, reinforced toe

SPANX In-Power Line Super High Footless Shaper
SPANX In-Power Line Super High Footless Shaper by SPANX

  • Tummy-taming panel
  • Adjustable legband may be worn anywhere from your knee or ankle
  • Footless

SPANX Mama Spanx Full Length Pantyhose Hosiery
SPANX Mama Spanx Full Length Pantyhose Hosiery by SPANX

  • Unique untra sheer leg with added strength, Style 015
  • Pregnancy panel provides underbelly and back support to comfortably...
  • Soft extra wide, non-binding waistband lets you breathe easier

SPANX Women's Sheer Function Booty-Full Sheers
SPANX Women's Sheer Function Booty-Full Sheers by SPANX

  • 87% nylon/13% lycra
  • Hand wash

Spanx Fashion Sheers Black Seam Patterned Pantyhose
Spanx Fashion Sheers Black Seam Patterned Pantyhose by SPANX

  • 83% Nylon, 17% Lycra Spandex Country of Origin: USA
  • Rounded seamed toes.
  • Front seam is 7-1/2" long.


Thanks for watching! OOTD #9 Purple Masquerade by Kate Spade purchased when Kate Spade was having a surprise online sale. Bag: Architect's Map of New York City Cl...

OOTD #12

Thanks for Watching! This is OOTD #12 Cardigan: Flotilla cardigan by Charter Club purchased at Macy's Dress: Green & Navy dress by Michael Kors purchased at the ...

  • Queenie

    Cheaply place to buy Spanx High Falutin high waist footless pantyhose?

    Where can I determine to be a great deal online for Spanx High Falutin high waist footless pantyhose

    Spanx Tainted Falutin high waist footless pantyhose average price is $27.00. This site offers the price

  • yahoooo!

    where can i buy spanx?

    i yen to wear leggings but i hate panty lines! im looking for like a boy shorts ir cycling shorts but i dont know where to buy it. i kept looking...

    Dillard's has a colossal selection of Spanx products. Not just pantyhose and shapers but other items as well. Their pantyhose are really good though if you ever need to wear pantyhose. :-)

  • Jessica T

    where can i buy the richest pantyhose?

    It's not where you can buy the most pantyhose but what are the best pantyhose. In my opinion, Spanx has the best pantyhose and you can get them at any department store

Lingerie for Cosplay: What to Annoy to Comic-Con - The Mary Sue

The following was from the beginning published on Cora Harrington’s blog The Lingerie Addict and has been republished with permission.

Alexis’ amazing guest post about lingerie and cosplay a few weeks ago got me conclusion. Though I’ve never attended San Diego Comic-Con, I do attend Dragon*Con, Emerald City Comicon, and Portland Comic Con pretty regularly. And while I don’t think of myself as a “cosplayer” (in my belief, that implies a level of skill I simply don’t have), dressing up is definitely part of how I have fun at these conventions. One of my costumes last year was Black Widow (shown above), and the year before that, my shush and I dressed as Spock and Uhura. Even when I’m not impersonating one of my favorite characters at the con, I still like to dress up in corsets and petticoats and the like. Why? Because it’s fun. And what better place to wear your most fairy-tale, extravagant lingerie?

That said, finding undergarments that work for your costume is a unique challenge in and of itself. Most lingerie isn’t made for costuming purposes, and when you’re wearing a jumpsuit made of spandex all day, no details like seaming and fabric composition matter even more. Many cosplayers make their own pieces, but if you don’t know how to sew or don’t have the time to or would just prefer to have a pre-made base to m from, there are some undergarments out there that can help you. Below is a brief-ish list of some brand and pieces I think are a particular good fit. Note: With the exception of the bra-sized items, many of the garments below (shapewear, knickers, hosiery, etc.) are readily obtainable in plus sizes.

Bras and Nipple Covers:

When it comes to solution-focused underpinnings, Fashion Forms is the leader in this space by a country mile. The bra I’m wearing up over is their U-Plunge, and I was very happy with how it performed (especially since many of the reviews were less than stellar). In addition to super plunge bras, Fashion Forms makes nipple covers, adhesive bras, bust enhancers, strap converters, double-sided tape, and shoulder pads. They’d be my first stop if you need a special brassiere for cosplay. However, there is one caveat: varied of their cup size bra solutions are not made for fuller busts (above a DD cup or so). That’s because a bra without a band (which is...

Source: www.themarysue.com

Latest News

  • Afrojack, Spanx Billionaire Sara Blakely, Taylor Hanson Tie Under 30 Summit ...

    09/04/14 ,via Forbes

    The pantyhose they affected her to wear were uncomfortable and old-fashioned. So she invented Spanx, plowing her $5,000 life savings into it. It's the only investment she ever needed. She is now the world's youngest-self-made female billionaire

  • Women's likeness, business tenacity the hot topics at Leadership Forum

    08/26/14 ,via Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

    Blakely, an Atlanta district who started Spanx with $5,000, spoke of taking the basic idea for her product — pantyhose with the feet cut away — and working her way through a patent, lining up a manufacturer, landing Neiman Marcus as a retailer, and 

  • Lingerie for Cosplay: What to Drag to Comic-Con

    08/28/14 ,via The Mary Sue

    Note: With the take offence of the bra-sized items, many of the garments below (shapewear, knickers, hosiery, etc.) are available When it comes to shapewear, a lot of people think Spanx, but as you've probably guessed, they're not your only election

  • The CEOs of the tomorrow are brand experts

    At the end of the day, let's look no further than the youngest self-made female billionaire, Sara Blakely from hosiery and shapewear underwear brand Spanx. Blakely erudite about brand by building Spanx herself from the ground up. She famously wrote a patent for her 

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  • Billionaire Spanx designer Sara Blakely will donate half of her fortune to charity as the first woman to join Warren Buffett and Bill Gates' Giving Pledge

    05/10/13 ,via Daily Mail

    The preceding fax machine saleswoman started Spanx 14 years ago with just $5,000 in savings, and no formal business training. It was after a spontaneous epiphany that Ms Blakely cut the feet out of her control-top pantyhose for a smoother look under a yoke of ...

  • Top Five Startup Tips From Spanx Billionaire Sara Blakely

    04/02/12 ,via Forbes

    Sara Blakely, Spanx inventor and youngest wife on the Forbes Billionaires list. For the cover of our recent World’s Billionaires issue, I profiled Sara Blakely, who took a simple idea — footless pantyhose ... seek — to buy her products.

  • Spanx opens chief standalone retail store

    11/06/12 ,via Today.com

    Formerly, women could only buy Spanx online or at other retail stores such as Nordstrom ... Bissell predicts the company’s line of hosiery will be a popular one, as will the Bra-lelluljah!, which helps create a unctuous back. But, she cautions, ...

SPANX Mama Spanx Pantyhose

SPANX Mama Spanx Pantyhose

SPANX Mama Spanx Pantyhose

SPANX Mama Spanx Pantyhose

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